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Showing 1 - 20 of 20 products
KSR digital 100-240V DSE / heater
LE MINI snap-in nozzle adapter 21.3mm
Razor dispenser
LEISTER Razor dispenser
Sale price$ 107.00
Corner clamping tool (Plastfix)
Inside corner tool (Kehlfix)
Adapter for electrofusion 4.7 to 4 mm
Hurner Hand Pipe Scraper
HURNER Hurner Hand Pipe Scraper
Sale price$ 35.00
1-6 Inch Circular Pipe Scraper
Reduction Set Easyweld 110 T de 20 a 90 mm
Electric generator model EC22000VE-28 / A Pre-Owned
HSGM Thermocutter
Sale price$ 317.00
Shoe for Overlap
WELDY Shoe for Overlap
Sale price$ 88.00
Lifting machine for roller blinds
Weldy pressure roller
LDM Weldy pressure roller
Sale priceFrom $ 42.00
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Teflon protection nozzle
LDM Teflon protection nozzle
Sale price$ 8.00
Hurner tube aligner
HURNER Hurner tube aligner
Sale priceFrom $ 920.00
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Hurner tube scraper
HURNER Hurner tube scraper
Sale price$ 1,190.00
Ø 5mm tubular adjustment nozzle
Weldy speed welding nozzleWeldy speed welding nozzle
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Overlap Nozzle
WELDY Overlap Nozzle
Sale priceFrom $ 19.00
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