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Showing 1 - 24 of 25 products
Ghibli AW Pre-OwnedGhibli AW Pre-Owned
LEISTER Ghibli AW Pre-Owned
Sale price$ 375.00
Weldy Pro - Professional heat gun  120V | Available
Weldy Pic Pre-OwnedWeldy Pic Pre-Owned
WELDY Weldy Pic Pre-Owned
Sale price$ 38.00
Electron ST Pre-OwnedElectron ST Pre-Owned
LEISTER Electron ST Pre-Owned
Sale price$ 403.00
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Triac Drive-Pid Pre-OwnedTriac Drive-Pid Pre-Owned
LEISTER Triac Drive-Pid Pre-Owned
Sale price$ 2,150.00
Sustarin plate C 1 / 2X24X48 Natural (acetal)
Sustarin C Natural Bar
LDM Sustarin C Natural Bar
Sale price$ 357.00
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Sustarin plate C 1 / 4X24X48 Natural (acetal)
Trovicel plate 19X1250X3000mm white
Polystone P (PP) welding rod
ROCHLING Polystone P (PP) welding rod
Sale priceFrom $ 60.00
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Polystone G (HDPE) welding rod
ROCHLING Polystone G (HDPE) welding rod
Sale priceFrom $ 63.00
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Trovidur EC-N (PVC) Welding
ROCHLING Trovidur EC-N (PVC) Welding
Sale price$ 66.00
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Polyfusion socket 16-110mm equipment in kit
Hurner HST 300 Print 450 2.0
HURNER Hurner HST 300 Print 450 2.0
Sale price$ 2,116.00
Hurner tube aligner
HURNER Hurner tube aligner
Sale priceFrom $ 1,140.00
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Hurner tube scraper
HURNER Hurner tube scraper
Sale price$ 1,716.00
LE MINI snap-in nozzle adapter 21.3mm
Razor dispenser
LEISTER Razor dispenser
Sale price$ 123.00
Stimpson grommets Flat #2
Grommet base #3
Lifting machine for roller blinds
Anti-Vandalism tapeAnti-Vandalism tape
Coats Helios P threadCoats Helios P thread
COATS Coats Helios P thread
Sale price$ 131.00
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